Mondato Insight is an industry-leading publication that is the first point of reference for decision makers and entrepreneurs who need to keep up to speed on the global trends in the Digital Finance & Commerce (DFC) ecosystem.

Mondato Insight is available at no cost to subscribers, delivering high-level insights on issues across the MFC space, utilizing diverse perspectives across the industry to highlight key takeaways.

A Global Community

With loyal readers from over 50 countries across the world, our subscriber base extends across all markets and continents. Headquartered in Washington D.C., Mondato holds a strong presence in North America and other developed markets. Additionally, Mondato’s early roots in remittances and value transfer provide a solid foundation in emerging markets as well.

Mondato Insight Subscriber Distribution by Region

Subscriber Distribution by Region

Americas: 40%

Europe: 34%

Asia Pacific: 14%

Africa and the Middle East: 11%

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