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Mondato specializes in publishing customized, in-depth publications on key trends and opportunities in the Digital Finance & Commerce (DFC) industry. Leveraging a strong network of industry contacts, as well as proprietary analytical frameworks and modelling, Mondato offers data-driven research that provides invaluable insights and guidance to our clients.

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Mondato’s MFS in Africa: Characteristics, Forecasts, and Trends (2015) report scrutinizes mobile financial services (MFS) in Sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on five key markets: Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. The report provides an overview of all you need to know about MFS in Africa: analysis of the underlying drivers of growth, market sizing and sector forecasts for Africa though 2018. The report also includes the Mondato 4E™ framework that helps guide planning and strategic considerations for MFS deployments, as well as operational considerations in planning a deployment or seeking new growth opportunities. This document is a result of years of experience in Africa, desk research and innumerous interviews with industry stakeholders, to whom we are grateful. The entire report or its separate sections, MFS Africa overview and each of the five markets, are available for purchase.

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Who is the report for?

  • Telecom operators
  • Banks, insurance companies and other financial services
  • Payment service providers
  • Investor community
  • Software vendors
  • Public sector and donor community

What is the report for?

Identifying growth opportunities:

  • African market entry
  • Customer targeting
  • Regulatory compliance

Examples include

  • Banks, MNOs, retailers, SPs with an MFS offering looking to update MFS offering or add new services in Africa or other markets
  • Investors looking to invest in MFS in the market
  • Aid organizations who invest in development projects (FDI)
  • Innovative companies and startups following regulatory changes
  • International companies looking to learn from Africa's experience

All around the world, people are watching Africa as a case study on whether and how mobile financial services (MFS) can transform developing economies, and the way business is conducted within them. Much as mobile phones leapfrogged fixed line infrastructure and provided large numbers of previously unconnected consumers with access to telecommunications, MFS has the potential to deliver financial inclusion to the unbanked. Access to mobile wallets may facilitate interest-accruing savings, electronic payments that reduce costs, cheaper remittances, affordable insurance, and many other previously unavailable or unaffordable products and services.

Uniquely, the mobile channel also offers a medium by which consumers can increase their financial literacy, and optimize how they use such financial products. Adoption of these services may be a gateway to more advanced MFS offerings, meaning African markets have the potential to lead the world in revolutionizing how payments and commerce more broadly are conducted.

What does the report consider?

  • Market Sizing: MFS revenue estimates and how this is split across service types, value chain levels, and service provider organization types
  • Potential Opportunity: Growth expectations over the coming five years, and which players may be best positioned to capitalize on this opportunity
  • Strategic and Operational Considerations: Elements of MFS to be assessed when considering implementing MFS initiatives
  • Market Structure by Country: Ecosystem overviews that explore the various adoption drivers and business models

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Purchasers may opt for one country report any combination of their choosing:

  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana

Pages: 130
Price: Starting at $1,750
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From global remittances to Mobile Financial Services to Digital Finance and Commerce, Mondato has grown alongside a new global industry. In addition to written research, Mondato offers public and bespoke webinars and training sessions on a wide range of topics.

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Digital Payment Systems, Mobile Money Services and Agent Banking in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka (2016)

This report focuses on services that expand access to financial services for un- and underserved populations beyond the bank branch, via agents and mobile phones, in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It provides an overview of the current state of national payments systems, mobile money services and agent banking, and regulatory frameworks in these three countries, as well as recommendations for each country on how to further financial inclusion and economic development in the payments domain. The final chapter provides recommendations on legal and policy reform, technology and institutional development, capacity building and other necessary infrastructure improvements to promote and enhance payment systems, mobile money services and agent banking.

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Driving Consumer Adoption in Mobile Financial Services (2014)

Over the past few years a range of diverse and innovative mobile payment platforms have emerged, yet few solutions have been powerful enough to break a critical mass from tried-and-true payment methods, namely cash and plastic cards. While some platforms are actively used by tech-savvy consumers, niche pockets of the population, or more broadly in just a few select countries, most have yet to achieve widespread consumer adoption. Mobile payments are far from becoming mainstream.


Mobile Financial Services in Africa: Characteristics, Forecasts, Trends (2015)

Africa is at the epicenter of MFS innovation, with some of the top services globally in terms of transaction values and volumes. The number of registered accounts in Sub-Saharan Africa has almost doubled over the two-year period leading up to a recent mobile money survey. Yet adoption remains very “thin,” limited to airtime top-ups and person-to-person (P2P) transfers, a tiny slice of an economy’s overall transactional flows. But service providers are looking to tap into the wider economy in order to access the significant untouched potential which still exists in even the most successful markets to date.

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