Mondato offers a full range of strategic, commercial and operational services that can help drive your business forward in the chaos of this new industry.

The fast-evolving Digital Finance and Commerce (DFC) ecosystem is characterized by cross-sector convergence and disruptive business models. Continuing value chain evolution and diversity of emerging services results in volatility and uncertainty in what are still early days in this space. DFC businesses that succeed will have to grapple with multi-disciplinary challenges and build competencies outside their traditional comfort zones.

From Strategy and Commercialization to Due Diligence

  • Market Sizing & Forecast: analysis of selected African countries to identify potential growth opportunities for emerging product categories, and understand end-user needs

  • Market Readiness: assessment of Middle East and African markets for deployment of ICT facilities and enterprise services based on infrastructure and competitive dynamics

  • Investment Focus Areas: for broadband infrastructure in Africa with an ecosystem analysis of the value chain to identify potential bottlenecks as part of deal sourcing

  • Acquisition Due Diligence: providing an independent assessment of a contemplated private equity investment in an ISP in Africa, including a detailed financial analysis

  • Market Entry Strategy: for a start-up payment service provider (PSP) in an established market looking to carve out a niche in merchant payments and aggregation services

  • Value Proposition: development based on high-level demand segmentation and socio-economic profiles, existing offerings, channel considerations, and revenue forecasts

  • RFP Process Management: from determining the client’s key requirements to project scoping and vendor selection, including facilitating negotiations of commercial terms

  • Enterprise Implementation: to integrate DFC into a business’s core operations, and maximize efficiencies in scaling across both new and existing geographies and segments

  • Consumer Adoption: research for a range of established industry stakeholders looking to increase the volume and value of transactions on their platforms

Sample Project Snapshots

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