Mondato provides advisory services to private and public sector clients in both emerging and developed markets. Whether the objective at hand takes the form of profitability, impact, inclusion, or innovation, we exercise our one-of-a-kind understanding of digital finance to support lasting success.


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Mondato’s research output includes Mondato Insight—our weekly business, strategy, and tech blog—as well as bespoke reports, white papers, and briefings which we produce for clients. The blog unites diverse perspectives from across the industry to cover and contextualize the latest in fintech and digital finance sphere, while our bespoke research tends to tackle specific topics in greater detail and with a more specific audience in mind.

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Mondato Summits are our executive digital finance thought leadership forums. We host annual summits in Africa and Asia, plus special European and Latin American summits as is sensible. Executives, entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, and other key players come together in an intimate setting approximating a senior-executive retreat to undertake substantive dialogue, uncover actionable insights, and advance common objectives.

The emphasis is on addressing key topics across diverse constituencies to maintain strong relevance for both private and public sector stakeholders. Mondato Summits are intended to foster collaborative initiatives that extend well beyond the event itself, and provide the opportunity to identify emerging opportunities to move the fintech and digital finance industry forward.

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